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I knew NOTHING when I started my business over a decade ago. I had passion, thirst for learning and the mindset of success. This is what prompted me to open my own photography business, Ashki Photography . That original uncertainty of what lie ahead would be the catapult that would carry me to this point. I am ready to share with you the business lessons I've learned throughout the years.

Get ready to Watch Your Business Grow.

The inception of Watch your business grow


My son was born and I KNEW I didn't want to be away from him as much as I would be if I were to continue to teach full-time. This is when I officially launched my Photography Business, Ashki Photography.


After over ten years of experience running a successful photography business, I decided to marry my two of my passions - teaching and business. This is when I began to work on content for other entrepreneurs.


I've worked on content for over the last three years. I no longer want to sit on all these priceless lessons I've learned. I am excited to

Watch Your Business Grow.



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